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Media Biotope is the website produced by Shin Mizukoshi Laboratory, iii (Joho-Gakkan), the Univeristy of Tokyo, Japan. “Media Biotope” is a key word coined by Shin, also the title of his book, “Media Biotope: Designing Media Ecology” published in 2005. It is an ecological metaphor for designing of media communication environment with diversity and fertility.

This website consists of several parts, “Topics”, “Biotopes”, “Projects” and “Links”. “Biotopes” consists of Shin Lab’s salon, “Biotope Salon” and Shin’s home page, “Shin Mizukoshi no Yukari”. There are several research projects in this Lab, and you can check their information at “projects” of this home page.

New information of “Biotopes” and several projects are automatically selected and put into the line at “Topics”.



Please contact to each project director.
If you have any questions about this web site, please send message to

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